Books To Get You In The Mood For The Holidays

Holiday books are quite abundant and come in a variety of different types and styles. Even though it is still early in the year, there is nothing wrong with getting in the mood for the holidays even when the temperatures outside are scorching. The best types of books you should look for are cookbooks dedicated exclusively for the holiday season. This is a great way to plan ahead and know what types of meals you will be cooking when it comes to that Read the rest of this entry »

How To Shop For Affordable Books

Readers, book collectors, college students and other frequent book buyers can save a lot of money on book purchases if they know where to look. The following are excellent sources of new and used books at affordable prices.

Used Book Stores

These stores sell used books for less than their cover prices. Used books stores are excellent places to find old and unusual books as well as current and former bestsellers.

Outlet Sections

Online and regular stores have sale Read the rest of this entry »

Most Controversial Biographies And Memoirs About Real Musicians

Any time someone’s life is captured in a book, it raises immediate red flags. Despite how well-written a biography might be or how close to the subject the author was, a biography is an opinion piece about another person’s life. The trend today is to turn books about celebrities, particularly musicians, into movies, further subjecting the musician to fabricated versions of their professional and personal lives. Movies like Walk Hard, based on the life of Johnny Cash, capitalize on a musician’s struggles, torments and psychological plights. In this movie particularly, a legendary singer is Read the rest of this entry »

Find Your Strengths Online

Throughout your life, you have probably noticed a natural tendency to gravitate toward certain things. Whether it is a hobby, a subject matter in school, or even a career path, we all have things that we are naturally better at than others.

Well, in Tom Rath’s Strengthsfinder 2.0, you can receive in-depth explanations of your inherent strengths. The book has spent time atop several bestseller lists, and it a staple in many college leadership classes. Lots of companies and organizations have also required their employees and members to take the test and read the book.

How does it work?

You start by taking a thorough online assessment, which can actually take some time if you do it properly. This requires a reliable Internet connection that will work throughout the assessment. In my experience, CLEAR internet customer service is the best around, and thus it is a great Internet provider for assessments like this.

Once you have taken the assessment, you will receive a ranking of your top strengths. Your top five strengths are the ones you should focus the most on, and will thus guide how you read the book.

Finally, move on to the book. Work your way through each chapter, paying special attention to the sections that focus on your strengths. You’ll find that they will very closely describe things in your own life.

If you’re looking for a reading experience that blends a physical book with an online element, this is the one for you. You’ll be amazed at the introspection it provides. Enjoy!

Malcolm Gladwell: A Must-Read Author

Hello again, everyone! It has been a while, but it is once again time for a book review. Today will be a little bit different, however, as I will be reviewing not just a book; but an author. Specifically, I will focus on three of his books.

Malcolm Gladwell is one of the most popular authors of our generation, with a number of insightful works that have inspired countless people. If you have not read him, you have likely heard of some of his works. His books provide a unique look at the human mind, how we perceive things, and how we can become more successful.

Blink explores our subconscious through entertaining anecdotes ranging from counterfeit art to a deadly misinterpretation of a situation by NYPD officers.

The Tipping Point should be read by every aspiring marketer, as it essentially shows how a product or an idea can go viral. You will never think of Paul Revere and his midnight ride the same way again.

Outliers tells the story of success. It explores how people become true experts in a field, and why their success is as much a function of their environment as any intrinsic qualities.

Each of these books will keep you entertained for hours, and will have you thinking differently about your life and your career. I hope you enjoy.

Reading Ray Bradbury For The First Time

If you’ve never read any of Ray Bradbury’s books before, I’m surprised. You have a plethora of thoughtful reading enjoyment before you. In order to get the most out of every Bradbury book it’s best to do a little research and find out how to get the most out of the reading time.

Ray Douglas Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920, and passed away on June 6 2012. He left a legacy of a wonderful imagination that has touched readers for decades. As a first time Bradbury reader prepare yourself for a delightful adventure in human emotions Read the rest of this entry »

Five Books For The Music Lover You Know

Words and music are languages unto themselves. Books about music are a unique combination of both languages, and together they increase our musical knowledge, selection, and appreciation. Here are five books that will inform and delight all literate music lovers, from performers to casual listeners.

The Joy of Music by Leonard Bernstein. Written by one of the most influential figures in American music, this book provides insights into styles and history for all who seek Read the rest of this entry »

Books Every Teacher Should Be Reading

The Teaching Industry is populated with educated caring individuals willing to work with children and adolescents every day. While teachers are a blessing, a teacher without certain knowledge might find him or herself in constant conflict within the classroom. Over the last several decades there has been an increase in children with psychological disorders. This makes reading psychological literature imperative for today’s teachers.

How does a teacher deal with a child that appears out of control? This Read the rest of this entry »

Reasons Why You Should Read Joyce Carol Oates

If you consider yourself a well-read individual and a lover of stories, you should definitely add Joyce Carol Oates to your personal library. Why?

-She has published a MILLION books.
Okay, maybe not a million”but since her first published novel in 1963, Joyce Carol Oates has produced over 70 published works from novels to short story collections and poetry. Whatever mood you’re in, she has it covered!

-She explores a fresh perspective on human experience.
Take her recent book, “Blonde;” a sad and fascinating Read the rest of this entry »

Top Books To Recommend To A Reluctant Reader

Finding a reluctant reader is usually easier than finding an avid reader. Transforming a reluctant reader is a difficult task at best and virtually impossible at worst. Encouraging a reader takes not only patience, but books that will capture and hold interest. Here are some books that may successfully do both.

Douglas Adams famous novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one such book. Starting off with the destruction of a man’s home and leading to the destruction Read the rest of this entry »